So tired…

…today. Not helped by being out late twice this week, with early morning starts, and hard physical labour in between.

Today I was chopping through a huge tree root with an axe, until the axe head became loose. It was duly removed and a new wedge glued in. Hopefully it will hold until the job is done. I will then buy a new axe handle just to be safe.

I fell asleep on the sofa shortly afterwards, contorted and uncomfortable, but unavoidably asleep from complete exhaustion.

The image above is a cute little old dump truck I saw at a steam rally a few years ago. It really is tiny, smaller then an old Austin Mini! I suppose it is an early ancestor of the articulated dumpers often found on small building sites.

I put the image up as it sort of represents how I feel right now.

Old. Tired. Rusty. Out of date. But still useful if looked after and worked gently!