Guerrilla Fixing…

…is a ‘thing’. Or at least I hope to make it so.

The idea is that if you see something in your community that could do with a simple fix then you fix it. It saves money for the local authority and other organisations that are hard pressed to afford the minor and petty things.

I have repaired the loose seat backs in the local Health Centre, made a new foot for a community plant swap group’s gazebo, repaired potholes in our street, among other little things. The photo above shows my neighbour helping me with a pothole that needed a bit of tarmac along with some stone sets. Essentially, if I can fix it, and the fix will benefit the community, then I do. Anyone can do likewise within their abilities, and includes cleaning road signs and picking up litter.

I carry a small tool kit in a child’s Spiderman lunch bag I found in a bin. It contains a selection of screws, and nuts and bolts, cable ties, and some basic tools.

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