So busy…

…doing and no time to blog!

The amount I blog really is inversely proportional to the amount of work I am doing each day.

Recently Sue and I have been over in York rebuilding decking, fencing and a pond dipping platform at St Nicholas Fields Environment Centre.  Each day there has coincided with a blazing hot and sunny day.  That has taken a lot out of us making the job harder going then it could have been. Most of the timber we used was Larch, as it is rot resistant without treatment. It was sourced from Tree Station, an ethical supplier in Manchester.

I have also been helping to set up a Working in Wood Project with Incredible Education to provide woodworking sessions for the local community.  This has included setting up a tool library, preparing and sharpening tools, and devising projects with a group of people with unknown skill levels or interests.  It will be a lot of fun though.

In addition I have been attempting to set up as a Community Interest Company.  This has involved form filling, not my strong point at all. I have decided on a skill swap with a friend where he writes (he is a writer) some nice words about me and I build an upcycled bed for him. I think it is a fair swap.