Funny learning about…

3 speed T box for 6x6 Land Rover

…Yoast SEO and all the ways to improve the searchability of my business website when, to be honest, I don’t want ‘everyone’ to find it!

That may seem odd for a business site but, really, I am working hard and long hours on my own and really don’t need the additional business most of the time.

So why ‘do’ I want a website?

I am really just looking at a place where I can direct people to see what I have been doing, and how I work, when they want to work with me.  It is sorta like an invite only thing with ‘word of mouth’ networking.

So, if you have found this post then it is because you already have an invite from me, either though direct contact or through my tweets, to come and see what I am up to. We can then decide if we want to work together some time.

In the meantime…

Have a photo of a gearbox I made.


2 thoughts on “Funny learning about…”

  1. I like my blog as a way of recording things that I do. I regularly return to old posts to check the date I made something or details of a plant/piece of work/visit etc. Apparently more than 1000 people are also interested in reading what I’ve been up to… who’d have thought?

  2. That’s a good point. So long as the content is there then those that are really interested will find and follow in due course.
    Do I want 10 million hits a day? No, quality over quantity will be fine.

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