Three things Thursday 15 June 2017

Old toaster

Three Things Thursday is something I have found from my friend, The Snail of Happiness.

The idea is simple, on Thursday post about three things that have made you happy in some way.

Firstly, today I tutored at the Working in Wood Project run by Incredible Education in Salford. I love being able to show and guide people who want to learn how to make things. This project facilitates local people in learning about wood working tools, wood, and designing and making simple projects, to build their confidence in their own DIY skills.

Their is such a spirit of community working with the group watching them all helping each other and sharing tools and knowledge.

Secondly Sue and I spent the afternoon planting flowers on the local green space. A small gesture towards brightening the place up a bit and encourages people to smile a little more as they go past.  It is also good for the bees!

Public Planting

Thirdly, While sitting down to have a cup of tea I suddenly remembered we have some cinnamon and raisin bagels in the freezer!

These were toasted in our ancient toaster and enjoyed.

Old toaster

The toaster belonged to my parents, who bought it second hand back in the 1960’s.  It has been used continuously since then and seen off quite a few modern pop up toasters. It can only toast one side of two slices at a time, with a manual flip of the gate to turn the bread to toast the other side.  But it must be watched least the toast burns!

This toaster is my favourite ‘old thing’ that keeps on going and going, and reminds me why I love being a Stitched Up Co-op Repair Cafe expert fixer. That’s a thing for this Saturday, so more then.

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  1. Oh, I’m so glad that you’ve decided to join in with this. On weeks full of gloom it’s so lovely to focus on the positive and then to be able to read other people’s posts on the same theme. Every week I could include ‘reading everyone else’s three things’ as one of my three.

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