Need a new toolbox…

…as my current one is bursting at the seams.

It is a very old B&Q tool box that has had numerous repairs and some minor modifications.  The main problem was that there wasn’t enough segregated storage and so piles of small hand tools would fall out of the tote tray and become lost in the jumble of bigger tools in the main box.

The catch at the front of the lid broke off long ago leaving the screw hoppers at the front unlocked. The number of times they have fallen open and then got snapped out….

The screw hoppers have been repaired with aluminium sides and bolts for hinges, but still don’t stay shut.

I have also added internal dividers and a second tote tray from another tool box but now the weight is becoming an issue. Not only is it significantly too heavy for safe lifting, but the handle on the lid will, most likely, give way one day, if the catches and hinges don’t fail first!

So I am now looking for a better solution.

I would like to have a single unit tool box, on wheels, that can do stairs, and fit through tight doors. Ideally it will be weather proof, not just to keep rain off but to stop stuff falling out through gaps.  I am happy for it to be modular but the units need to be easy and comfortable to carry. The construction needs to have rounded corners and be a flexible plastic to absorb shocks, and being used as a saw horse, and step stool. There should be more then one tote tray, and/or drawers for small tools while retaining a big space for large tools and other odds and ends to be carried.

Oh, and I really do not want to spend more on the tool box then the tools inside cost me!