Wobbly legs….

…on a table are really annoying, and can be a real problem in a restaurant. 

Today’s small project is to stabilise the legs on a couple of salvaged tables I am donating to Real Junk Food Manchester.

The leg joints have become loose over time and have been subject to attempts at repairing them with metal brackets, nails and dowels.

The first thing was to carefully remove the repairs, clean the joints and re-glue.  I used a PU expanding foam glue to ensure that gaps were filled and it would stick to most of the remaining mix of glues in the joints. The legs and rails were then cramped, squared, and left to cure.

Interestingly on cleaning off some of the paint there was a makers, or suppliers, label.

I wonder what happened to them?


Once the first set of table legs were movable I reassembled them to the table and brought in the legs from the second table.

The legs on this one were quite solid but a side rail had split. There was already a half hearted repair made using a bamboo chopstick as a dowel but that didn’t help really.

The joint was opened up, glued, and cramped.