Bosch Sortimo boxes…

…have been knocking about in my workshop for a while. I often acquire them as part of a tool package.

But I’ve never found them useful.  The supplied inserts waste space and don’t support the tools well.  The plastic is hard and unforgiving, and won’t cope with even slightly over sized contents. But I’ve found a use!

I have a set of four Katsu 1/4″ routers, preset for specific tasks, and have been looking for a better way to transport them while protecting the cutters and the settings.

They seem a perfect fit in the Sortimo box!

The routers hang from an 18mm plywood shelf, glued and screwed to the box, leaving space for accessories, power cable, and cutters.

The next step is to make a bench mount so that the Sortimo box can be clipped to the bench for storage and access.

Of course, there will always be the risk that the box will be stolen for presumed Bosch contents so I will also need to give it a little camouflage to make it less conspicuous.