Making a work light…

…for the project we are currently on.

The job is in an underground ‘secret bunker’, with limited lighting and a black ceiling in the area we are working in.

The first day we struggled on moving stuff into an unlit storage room with a mobile phone propped up on a paint can!  The rest of the work was setting up timbers with a laser so the low light was actually a bonus at that point.

However, we now can do with proper work lighting.  I know I can buy a ready made 800W halogen twin work light on a stand, or a 50W LED version but having a microphone stand knocking about I decided to make my own.

The plan was to buy three 20W LED floodlights from ToolStation and mount them on a wooden frame that mounts on the stand.  Unfortunately ToolStation don’t seem to be carrying much stock of lighting so I ended up with one 20W LED floodlight and one 30W LED floodlight. Nearly the same result so close enough!

The floodlights are screwed onto a scrap of 18mm plywood which has a bit of 63x38mm CLS glued and screwed to the back. The CLS has two slots to form sockets, one for vertical fitting and one for horizontal fitting on the microphone stand.

I also fitted an extension reel to the back of the plywood so that the lead could be wound up out of the way.

Well, it works fine, and can be tested on site tomorrow.