Three Things Thursday 10 August 2017

It has been a while since I posted here, and a while since the last Three Things Thursday.

So here I am again.  Thursdays do seem like a milestone day in the week for me, and gives me much to be grateful for.  Our current work routine consumes a lot of our time and is based in Liverpool for a ‘Secret Bunker’ museum project for Big Heritage.

On Thursday mornings I facilitate (don’t teach anymore due to many complex emotional reasons) a Working In Wood Project at the Incredible Edible Salford community allotment.  It is a wonderful little, but growing rapidly, group of men and women who come along to make things in wood, drink tea, and socialise. The group has a limited fund and so relies on cheap tools bought for setting up the project, and donations of tools and equipment.

Last week a wonderful beech topped woodwork bench was donated by friends, Clare and Becks, for me to pass onto the group. Today we will be adding casters to it so that it can be moved out of the way when not in use.  I am sure the group will make great use of it.

The Working in Wood project gives me a nice break from the frantic work activity and allows me space to calm down and watch others working, and enjoying the day, instead.


On Thursday evenings We join my parents for dinner.  This used to be on Fridays but due to the work in Liverpool our working days don’t end until it is too late to have dinner with them so we moved the day to Thursday.

My Dad is a trained Chinese chef with many years of restaurant experience so the food provided is exquisite, sometimes surprising, but always wonderfully satisfying.

I am not a great talker over dinner, or with my parents generally, due to my Asperger’s but I do enjoy just being in their company listening to them chattering away with my wife, Sue.  It maintains that family closeness that I feel is so important in life.


Every other Thursday night is also Colin Crichton‘s jam night at Malaga Drift Cafe.  The nights have a simple formula, Gordon provides the coffee and beer at the bar, and Colin performs a number of originals and covers while inviting members of the willing audience to come up and perform musical sets of their own.  It has been a great little melting pot of talent, introducing us to new local musicians, and singers.  Sue and I often say that we might not stay too late due to work in the morning and generally being tired out but without fail we are there applauding right to the last note! These photos are from last week.


So that is my three things for Thursday that remind me how wonderful life is.  I hope you have enjoyed reading about them and if you are local, then maybe I will see you at the Incredible Edible Salford allotment, or at Malaga Drift Cafe some time soon.