Beginning another small job…

…in the workshop.

I am working on a client’s storage bench seat.

It will be a corner seating area consisting of a storage bench on one side and a bookshelf bench on the other.  The plan is for it to look simple, upcycled, and a little rustic.  To that end I am using old scaffold boards to create the bench tops, pallet wood for the facings, and reclaimed timber for the frame.

Progress is slow, as we are very busy on a time consuming job in Liverpool at the moment, so I am snatching workshop time as and when I can. So today I spent a couple of hours in the workshop.

One scaffold board was cut in half to make a wider board.  However, there was a bad split at one end.  To stop the split from opening up in use I glued and cramped the split and then let in a Beech wood butterfly key to hold the split together.

The two halves of board where then hand planed to a straight edge, doweled with four 10mm dowels, and glued and cramped.

The next stage, when the glue has cured, will be to sand the surface smooth with a belt sander.