A ‘saw’ point..

…With me is that I recently bought a bare DeWalt DW 936 circular saw from EBay and converted it to use Bosch 18V Li batteries.  It was a good saw, on the whole, just needing new brushes and a the battery conversion to become a useful tool again.

However, my sore point is that it is ‘wrong handed’ for me with the blade being on the left of the motor.

For me, being mostly right handed, that means the saw rests on the waste side of the cut, which could be very small, making it unstable.

So I have now bought a Makita 5621 RD saw which is the correct way around, like all my other circular saws!

But the first job is to convert it to Bosch 18V Li batteries!

I found an old battery pack from a Makita 9.6V drill. The NiCads were dead and needed disposing of anyway, so I used the case for the connections, and soldered the wires to an adapter I made for a previous tool. The sawn off Makita battery case was then glued into position and the adapter fitted to the saw.  As there are no clips to latch the adapter on position a couple of discrete screws were used.

I am very happy with the result and can’t wait to test it out on site this Friday. It does now mean I can saw left and right handed as required.