Not enough space….

…in this lamp switch box!

Though I often complain about the workshop being too small I do cope most of the time.

This time I was hoping to take apart an old military 12v work light and convert it to LED with a 240v to 12v driver unit. The switch box just proved a tad too small in the end, mainly due to the central switch hole.

Taking the old switch out and fitting a small toggle switch in left insufficient space around it for the driver unit. I could take the driver out of its case but, you know, 240v in a steel box. So I am now pondering my next move.

In the meantime I put a coat of silver oil based paint on the plywood I was working on yesterday. Unfortunately the smell was horrendous as it drifted out of the workshop and into the house. So I opened the windows and closed the door on it leaving the workshop to freeze!