One of them odd days…

…where things work but not how you’d expect.

I haven’t had music in the workshop for a few months now. My music player is an old Sony Ericsson W995 phone. The charging is very temperamental and the battery had run flat. The charging plug just won’t contact properly. So it got clamped in place!

I also got a delivery today. The bridge rectifier for the allotment solar PV ‘melted’ so the replacement will need a heatsink. That is on order but I would need some heat sink paste, about a square inch of it. What arrived today was ten large syringe tubes of the stuff! Oh well, I am sure I will find a use for it all.

I made a tool! I do this when ever I need something unusual and very specific. One of my repair projects has a folded flange that needs opening up. The fold is both straights and curves and had been crimped closed.

I made a simple drift to tap into the fold to open up the flange. It is flat one end and curved the other end, and slightly bent for clearance.

At least this worked out as expected!