Assembly and disassembly…

…of two projects today. One is a personal project and the other is a repair job.

First off I test fitted the steel and plywood door frame I have been working on into the hardtop that was damaged. Once fit had been confirmed I applied glue and cramps and got it assembled before any doubt set in. It has been one of those days where, after  yesterday’s long work meeting, I am just mentally exhausted and liable to make mistakes.

Nothing more I can do with it until the glue cures so I decided to spend a little time on a personal project.

I am working on building a 5/8 scale working AEC Matador timber tractor with electric drive. It will run on Land Rover axles but narrowed by 184mm. The rear Salisbury axle is easy, cutting it down to take a short half shaft each side. The front axle is a little more complex.

Today I disassembled the hub on the longer, left hand end, of the axle to pull out the half shaft. I needed to check if the tapered shaft had a large enough diameter to cut and re-spline it. It has, but the taper makes it difficult as my lathe is just a little too small to be able to turn a parallel section for the new splines. I may need to find a local, or friendly, machine shop to do the job unless I can figure a way to do it with machines I have.