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Today I played with my latest winch purchase.

Trewhella Brothers built some amazing winches and from what I can discover the Monkey (stump puller) winch was very well thought of in both timber work and heavy haulage. However, its one failing that preventing it from being adopted by the military was that it can not safely release a load without the same amount of muscle power used to apply it.

My elderly lump of solid rust formally known as a Monkey Winch!

The Wallaby winch was its replacement with an unloaded release mechanism. This made it safe to release a load without the winch rope running away.

The Wallably is a little lighter in weight then the Monkey and a little more compact. It does, however, use the same winch drum and ratcheting mechanism and so should have an equivalent reserve of hauling ability.

My first task after unloading it from the car was a quick inspection. I good squirt of WD40 all over the moving parts ensure it all moved freely. The cable was loose on the drum and tangled so I worked it all around, freewheeling the drum, and pulling out the rope. The rope is about 10m long with special hook on the end.

I then rewound the rope, checking it as I went, and also checking the ratcheting mechanism all functioned as it should. All was good. There were no loose of damaged strands  in the rope, and just some expected kinks at the hook end.

The huge hook is rather special, it allows the hook to be safely hooked back onto the rope without damage. This is not usually recommended with wire rope and an ordinary hook.

So, what am I going to do with the Wallaby?

It will be used where I need a strong winch for tree felling, bragging rights, ornamentation…
…Well, you know how it is!
It will also be useful for identifying the rusted parts of the ratchet on the Monkey Winch which are beyond saving, should replacements need to be made up.

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