Little jobs and some post

Harriet finds a note, and something else in the envelope.

Just popped in to do some more work and I have post! Hmmm, interesting, but we’ll save that for later. Lets get some work done first.

Harriet is standing facing away from us, in front of a blue door. She is holding a large brown envelope.
Oooh, post!

I am fitting some door handles today. Simple cheap ones on the stair doors and the same for the balcony door.

Harriet is standing next to a blue door. She is holding a screwdriver. On the floor is her tool bag, her cordless drill, and cordless screwdriver. A new door handle has been fitted.
There’s a job done.

Well, once the door locks and handles were fitted I went off to get my bench. I completely forgot about the post until I got back.

Harriet is dragging a long work bench in through the door. An envelope lies forgotten on the floor.
Heave! This is heavy!

I’ll just shove the bench over here for now. It is a little too long but I can cut it down a bit if it is staying there.

Harriet pushes the workbench against the wall in between the back door and the small roller shutter.
Let’s put it here.

Anyway, let’s see what this is, Too chunky for a bill…

Harriet carries the envelope across the workshop to the work bench.
I wonder what this is?

OK, lets get it open, hopefully more making stuff.

Harriet has the envelope on the bench and is about to open it.
Only one way to find out.

A note!

“My darling Harriet,
Happy Valentine’s day in your new workshop.
A little ‘workshop warming’ gift for you.
Love, XXX”

Oh my!

Harriet finds a note, and something else in the envelope.
A Valentine’s note!!! And…

Ahh! Haha! How sweet of you, that is lovely. And I know who you are….

Harriet finds a big packet of sweets in the envelope.

There is only one person who gets to call me this!

Thank you!
I shall enjoy them later.

Harriet’s hands holding a bag of Haribo Supermix. The discarded envelope is on the bench top.
Haribo! Thank you!

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