Landlords back…

Harriet is throwing a blue tarpaulin over the pallet truck at the back of the workshop.

The landlord sent me these photos of a miniature train he saw at Betws-y-Coed. It is about the same size as the one I will be working on at the back of my workshop.
A little narrow gauge 7 ¼ inch track miniature blue locomotive and train stopped at the platform under a bridge.

A close up of ‘Gwydir Castle’, the little blue locomotive with its train f passenger coaches, stationary at the platform edge.

Well, the landlord has got back from his holiday so I had better tidy up.

Harriet is kneeling on the floor in front of a pile of timber, her tools, and a pair of bicycle trailer wheels.
zip, zip, zip! All the screws out!

I’ll just dismantle the bike trailer and stack the timber on the bench.

Harriet is carrying a pile of timber to stack on the work bench. Her tools are on the floor, and the pallet truck is behind her.
Ooof, heavy!

Hide the wheels under there out of the way.

Harriet is bending over by her bench. The trailer wheels have been tucked under the work bench out of sight. Her tea mug and circular saw are on the bench.
Under there will do!

And lets just throw a tarp over the pallet truck. That’ll be discreet, won’t it!

Harriet is throwing a blue tarpaulin over the pallet truck at the back of the workshop.
Flick, aaand, rest!

And the carpet layer has been!

It is the right carpet, and nicely fitted. I can’t see the join in it.
I wonder how long it will stay this clean for?

I can now look at getting some furniture in here. Probably no rush though as I only have my drawing board so far.

Harriet is standing in her empty design studio. She is admiring the newly laid carpet.
That ‘new carpet’ smell! Yuk!

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