Working on the Railway…

Harriet is kneeling next to the brass locomotive. It looks like a small lorry. She is holding the cab door open to show a tiny figure inside the cab.

OK, the bit some of you have been waiting for! Lets go out the back door and do some work!

Harriet is walking out of the back door of the workshop.
Come and see!

This is the landlord’s garden railway. It is 7 1/4” gauge, 1/3 scale layout inspired by St Nicholas Fields.

Harriet is looking at a part of the garden railway. She has put some timber over the chalk marks on the ground showing where a building will go.
Hmmm, sorta like that?
Harriet is hand sawing a four by two timber that is resign on the saw horses.
Just cut these to length.

I am putting in a foundation frame for a building where it is chalked on the tarmac.

Harriet is pointing at a framework of timbers she has made for the building foundation. The timber forms a raised desk over an area marked as a pond.
That looks about right.

I see that a pond and some paving has gone in the garden railway. It’s just a pond liner and plants and stuff are still needed.

Once the landlord has done that I can get on with the wood work around it.

Harriet is standing on a paved area on the garden railway pointing at the empty pond that has a black pond liner in it.
A pond!

Also this very ‘Squeeeeee’ little shipping container has arrived. It needs a bit of work but will be the ‘engine shed’ for the 1/3 scale Beryl.

Harriet is looking at a one third scale shipping container. A small brass locomotive and two wagons are nearby.

This is the landlord’s model of Beryl. It is brass and still needs a lot of finishing off. It is 1/3 scale 2’ narrow gauge. There are also some 1/6 scale standard gauge wagons I need to work on and re-body to suit Beryl.

Harriet is standing next to a brass locomotive in front of the miniature shipping container, and there are some wagons nearby.

This is so sweet! There is a little man figure inside to drive it! Apparently it should be a woman so I might need to ‘do some surgery on him’, poor chap!

Right, the landlord needs to get on with the landscaping so I will leave it there for now.

Small stuff, it’s so cute!

Harriet is kneeling next to the brass locomotive. It looks like a small lorry. She is holding the cab door open to show a tiny figure inside the cab.
Oh, hello there!

The landlord has been and made up the embossed paving and secured the pond liner. There’s no bond in the paving but that’s miniature work I suppose.

Anyway I had to quickly get the beams installed for the building as the landlord is due back shortly.

Harriet is standing next to the pond looking at the foundation frame for the building on the garden railway.
Embossed paving.

Back again.
Hello you two. No point feeding the ducks, there aren’t any yet. And what’s in your bucket? Poo? Oh, lovely…

I see the plants are in, but they are plastic. I guess it isn’t easy growing bonsai bulrushes.

I will be adding a pond dipping platform next.

Harriet is bent over looking at the plastic miniature bulrushes plants in the pond. There are a couple of miniature figures next to the pond for scale.
Hello you two!

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