The bike shed…

Harriet is looking at the corrugated metal roof. It fits properly over the bike shed frame.

Right, the next job this afternoon is to build a bike shed. A little one for the garden railway.

Just got to cut a load of four by twos to length, then nail them together. Nothing complicated with this one.

Harriet is standing at her bench marking out a ‘four by two’ timber for cutting. There is a pile of timber, she has already cut, on the floor.
Measure twice, cut once.

One frame done, two to go.

Harriet is using her saw horses to support a timber frame as she nails it together. She is holding a hammer in her hand. There is a completed frame leaning against the work bench.
Tapity tap, bang bang bang!

I’ll get these over there to where the bike shed should be then I can assemble them.

Mind the rails! A bit of a rip hazard those things!

Harriet is carrying a frame across the garden railway. There are two more completed frames already at the far side leaning against the white wall.
Mind those tracks!

That’s built.
Two beams at the back and a plank at the front for the gutter.

You know, now it is built I can see it being a chicken house.
That would be much more useful in my opinion, but don’t tell the landlord I said so!

Harriet is leaning on the finished bike shed frame. Her tool bag is on the ground and she has her hammer on the top of the framework.
Easy job!

So just the roof to put on now.
The landlord has provided this sheet of ‘wriggly tin’ for it. He doesn’t want it fixing on yet as he has some landscaping to do underneath.

Harriet is lifting and sliding a sheet of corrugated metal sheet onto the miniature bike shed frame.
Screech! Mind the sharp edges!

But I reckon that’s a job well done!

Time for a cup of tea I think.

Harriet is looking at the corrugated metal roof. It fits properly over the bike shed frame.
Why can’t it be for chickens?

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