Harriet is just finishing painting the fence. Two of the little garden railway figures appear to be watching.

Finally started using those fence posts I ordered recently. The landlord has had three post holes bored through the tarmac so I can see how this fence will look.

Lets get out there then…

Harriet is carrying three lengths of square section timber over her shoulder and is walking out of the workshop.
They are only little sticks.

OK, found where this bit of fence is going. The bore holes are nice and neat so the posts should just drop in.

Harriet is standing on the paving next to a low wall. She is looking at some bore holes in the ground next to the garden railway tracks. The fence posts are leaning on the wall. The pond is just behind Harriet.
Ahh, there they are.

Yep, nice and easy, just a little effort to push them down. They will wiggle a bit but once the fencing is up I can tension it and put some mastic in the holes to set them.
Model sized stuff sometimes isn’t like real life!

Harriet is pushing the third fence post into the ground. The first two posts are already in place. Her foot is very close to the pond.
Just a little omph.

I’ve got the fencing. It is like chicken wire!

Mmmm, chickens again!

Errr, yeah, lets get on with the job…

Harriet is carrying a roll of fencing mesh over her shoulder and walking out of the workshop.
Bok bok bok! Chicken wire!

Tapping in tiny staples is silly! There is a lot of this fencing going in eventually so I think I am going to have to find my compressor and staple gun for the rest of it.
Harriet is standing on the railway tracks fixing the roll of fence mesh onto the fence posts. There is a hammer at her feet.

And out comes the paint. Just carefully does it, I don’t want to get paint everywhere, or trip over the tracks, or knock the paint kettle over!

Harriet is painting the new fencing with green paint. There is a yellow bucket of paint on the railway tracks.
Dab dab dab…

Tedious job really, all the little holes to do. Maybe I should spray the next lot, maybe.

A close up of Harriet holding the paint brush with part of the fence and fence post painted green.
So many holes…

That’s it, just about done now.

Oh, hello you two!
Be careful there, this paint is still wet! You might want to go around the other way.

Harriet is just finishing painting the fence. Two of the little garden railway figures appear to be watching.
Oh, hiya!

Time to tidy up this painting stuff, wash my brush, and put the kettle on.

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