Harriet is pointing at the two pallet she has placed next to the figures as barriers.

Today’s little job in the workshop.
Cut up some rough sawn planks into 400mm lengths…

Harriet is standing at her bench sawing a long timber plank with a tenon saw. She has a square, tape measure, and pencil with her.
Hand sawing is good exercise…

Then over to the band saw to rip saw them into narrower planks…

Harriet is standing at the band saw sawing a plank into two narrower pieces. There is some more cut timber on the floor, and some waiting to be cut. Harriet is wearing a face shield.
…But the band saw is easier….

Also got to rip some 330mm long 4x2s too.

I must get some dust extraction for the band saw sorted out.

Harriet is standing at her band saw cutting a piece of four by two in to narrower sticks. There is more timber on the floor she has already cut. A pile of saw dust is growing behind the band saw.
…A table saw would be easier for this…

Now to nail the bits together.
As you can see, I am making tiny pallets!

Harriet is standing at her bench. She is lacing the timber she has cut in place to make a miniature pallet. She has her hammer and her square.
…Tappity tap tap…

That’s one done, on to the second one.
Of course, these are for the landlord’s garden railway.

Harriet is standing at her bench assembling a second miniature pallet. A completed one is on the bench next to her.
…And a nail gun wouldn’t go amiss…

There we are, pallets on their edges, with feet!
The look nice and rough and only need a bit of weathering to look old.

Harriet is standing at her bench looking at the two completed pallets. The pallets have some planks as feet so they stand on edge.
…It lives, Igor! Haha.
I name you Huey, and I name you Dewey..

Lets get these outside then…

Seen from outside the back of the workshop through the door, Harriet is carrying the pallets, one under each arm, walking out of the door.
Out we go.

Oh hi you lot. Working hard I see.
You have got this area covered quickly!
Got something for you.

Harriet is carry the pallets towards a newly gravelled area of the garden railway. Four of the miniature figures appear to be working there. Two are shovelling and two are carrying sacks.
Delivery, lads!

There you go. St Nicks style safety barriers for while you are working, hehe!

Harriet is pointing at the two pallet she has placed next to the figures as barriers.
Time for a cuppa…

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