Upwardly mobile!

Harriet is climbing up the spiral staircase. The underside of the cast iron balcony is visible above.

Anyway with Flo’s lovely gift outside I thought I’d better see if there is space in the workshop for it all.

And there is!

Harriet is standing in the doorway of her workshop looking at the clear floor.

That means the landlord has been.

Lets see how bad things are at the back…

Harriet is holding open the back door about to go out.
Where’s it all gone?

There is paving!
Nothing fancy, but is is clean, flat, and safe to walk on.

And new drains.

So where has all the balcony and staircase gone?

Harriet is standing in the back doorway looking down at the new grey paving slabs. There is a drainage channel set in at the edge of the paving by the workshop.
Oooh! Paving!


It is fitted! That is amazing!

I am going to have to go up there!

Harriet is standing behind the workshop looking up at a new cast iron spiral staircase going up to a balcony.
Oh! It’s amazing!

Oh this is fantastic!

Harriet is climbing up the spiral staircase. The underside of the cast iron balcony is visible above.
Up we go…

Nearly there…

Harriet is nearly at the top of the staircase. The chain hoist is hanging in the background near the balcony.
I can see the top…

It is great up here.
The cast iron work is wonderful.
Reminds me of my friend Agnes Jones and the beautiful designs from her blacksmith workshop.

Harriet is standing at the top of the spiral staircase looking at the design of the cast iron balusters.
Made it!

And there is a gate so I can bring stuff up with the hoist!

I think the hoist might need to be replaced with a new one though.

Harriet is looking at the chain hoist and holding the balcony gate open. The glass door from the design studio is behind her.
Now how do I reach that hook?

What’s the view like?

Harriet is standing on tip toe on the bottom ledge of the baluster panel leaning over the rail to have a look down.
What a view!

Woah! It is a long way down!

A vertiginous view from above Harriet showing the long drop to the round below.
Eeek! Long drop.

There is a good view across the garden railway though.

A view of the garden railway from the balcony. There are tracks laid on the tarmac, a gravelled area with some miniature figures, a bogie wagon, the shipping container, and the bike shed. The perimeter garden walls are also visible.
You can really see how the layout works.

Better go back inside now.

Doh! The door is locked from the inside!

Harriet is trying to go inside via the design studio glass door.
Hehe! Idiot!

Back down the lovely stairs then.

Harriet is standing half way down the spiral staircase taking another look at the garden.
Never get tired of the view.

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