Harriet is standing while the dog is jumping up on her. Harriet is trying to look at the dog’s paw.

Hi everyone, sorry I’ve been really quiet on Twitter.
Two things, the landlord has been landscaping the front of the workshop making things a bit awkward here. And secondly, well, read on…

Harriet is standing at the door to her workshop. She is looking at the ground works outside. There is some rough ground and some concrete forming the paths.
Look at the state of this!

Oh, Hello! Who are you and what are you doing here? I’ve not seen you before!

Harriet is outside her workshop with her arms in the air in surprise! There is a scruffy looking dog sniffing at the hedge.
What the… Dog?!!!

Come here, lets see if you have a collar.
Nope, no collar. And you stink!

Where did you come from?

Harriet is bending over to have a closer look at the dog. The dog has come closer looking to be petted.
Come and say hello!

Well, you don’t live here so you had better go home before you are missed.

Harriet is pointing away from her workshop. The dog is reluctantly turning to leave.
OK, go home, go on. Home!

Hang on, are you limping? What’s the matter? Have you got a hurt paw?

Harriet is watching the dog go. The dog is limping with one front paw raised.
Bye! Hang on a sec…

OK, come back here. Lets have a proper look at you.

Arrrg don’t jump up! You are so grubby, and you really do stink!

Harriet is standing while the dog is jumping up on her. Harriet is trying to look at the dog’s paw.
Let’s… Let me have a look! Oh. You. Stink!

Right, you need a vet, that paw doesn’t look good at all!

Stay! Good dog! I’ll be back in a second.

Now what can I use for a lead.

Harriet is going back into her workshop. The dog is back to sniffing at the hedge.
Best find a thing for a lead!

Right, lets see if you can walk, no, limp to heal.
Come on then, the vet isn’t far.

Harriet has brought out a bit of old rope and has made a lead for the dog. The dog seems happy to walk with Harriet.
Come along then, off to the vet’s. Can you do ‘Heal’?

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