Return of the Dog!

Harriet is back in her workshop. The dog is sitting looking at her with full attention.

I am going to bring the dog back today.
I think I had better sort out where things should be.
Water bowl, food bowl, bed…
I think I need a hook on the door for the lead.

Harriet is in her workshop looking at the door. She is holding the dog lead up to see where a hook could go to hang it up. There is a dog food and water bowl on the floor by the door.
Hmmm, I can just bang a nail in…

I could put his bed at the foot of my bed and he could sleep there. Though what if he still stinks?

Good thing is though, the landlord said that “The tenancy says ‘No Pets’, plural. You’re only having one dog, that’s singular, so it is ok.”. He will amend the tenancy for the dog anyway.

Harriet is in her bedsit above the workshop. She has placed the dog bed at the foot of her bed.
There will do.

Right, back to the Vet’s. They have given him a wash and tidy up, and fixed his paw. Hopefully he will be fine with the walk back here.

Harriet is heading out of the workshop. She is carrying the dog lead.
Time to get the doggo!

I’m back.
OK dog, that’s your food bowl, I’ll put food in it later, and that is your water bowl.
You are not to chew anything that is wood, or tools, understand?

Dog toys! I knew I forgot something!

Harriet is back in her workshop with the dog. She is pointing at the food bowls by the door. The dog is looking cleaner and less rough. He has a bandage on his right front paw, and is wearing a ‘cone of shame’.
Dinner goes there.

And this is where you will sleep, no farting during the night, ok?
No! Not there! That’s my bed!

Oh well, at least you don’t stink any more!

Harriet is in her bedsit with the dog. She is pointing at the dog bed. The dog is on Harriet’s bed.
Errr, no! Down there!

And if you need the toilet you can do that outside over there.

Harriet is outside her workshop door with the dog. She is pointing at the far corner of the front garden area.
Your toilet is out here.

OK, Do you know how to sit?

Oh, good boy! That’s a good start.

Harriet is back in her workshop. The dog is sitting looking at her with full attention.
SIT! Good boy!

And do you have a name?
Would you like one?
Phone a friend?

Harriet is talking to the dog. The dog is looking bemused.
Do you know your name?

OK, we’ll have a think. In the mean time make yourself at home.

Do you have any questions?
Dinner is at 6pm.

It is not 6pm yet!

Harriet appears to be talking to herself as the dog has wondered off to investigate the food bowl.
Talk to myself then!

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