Harriet has brought over some empty dog food sacks.

Hello, what’s this?
A recycling box!

It seems I now officially live here, and I now have domestic recycling collection by some local environment centre!

Harriet is in her workshop holding a letter in her right hand, and a large black plastic box in her left hand. Monty Dog is watching with interest.
Hey Monty! We have a box!

They take paper, card, all bottles, and cans. So the first thing that can go in there is this letter, I don’t need to keep it.

Harriet has put the recycling box on the floor and dropper the letter in to it. Monty Dog is investigating the box.
Comes in useful already!

The other thing to go in is all your paper food sacks, Monty! I didn’t think you’d get through so many!

Harriet has brought over some empty dog food sacks.
All these can go too.

That’s all I have at the moment so…

…I’ll best put a reminder in my phone to leave it out on Thursday. Hmm, best make that Wednesday night, in case they are early.

Harriet is holding her phone and typing into it. Monty Dog is sniffing the empty dog food sacks in the recycling box.
Add a reminder in my…
Monty! Leave it!

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