And so it begins….

My green Skoda Octavia Estate with a small trailer upside down on the roof rack.

So first entry in my conversion blog.
I have been trying to figure out where to start on this conversion and much of it has been centred on which parts to use, how much they will cost, and how long it will take me to find and adapt them all.

However, this has suddenly been solved and has became a real project because Damien Maguire has offered to me, here on the Open Inverter forum, a pile of his pre used development parts. I just have to get them home, somehow.

First job, for now, is to reorganise the driveway so my old 2001 Skoda Octavia Estate is turned around, and at the top end of the drive, and mostly under the car port.
There are two trailers that have to move out of the way….

A view up my house driveway with the Green Skoda Octavia Estate on the right at the end of the drive showing the length of the drive and the trailers behind filling the driveway.
There’s a lot of stuff on this drive!

…and there are some more paving slabs to put down in place of the cobbles so the engine crane has a smoother ground to run on.
I am going to be busy during this pandemic lockdown heatwave!

A view down my house driveway showing the yellow cab of a project vehicle, a pile of stuff, the back of a big box trailer, and open trailer, and the the Skoda Octavia Estate and the gates at the end of the drive.
It looks just as crowded at this end!

Oh, and that yellow cab is another project, Beryl, who will be converted to a 5:8 scale electric powered AEC Matador timber tractor, using some of the old DC electric vehicle stuff I still have.

Anyway, back to the Skoda Octavia that has done 241027 miles with me since I bought it new.

The odometer of the Skoda Octavia Estate as of this blog entry 13 August 2020, showing 241027 miles.
Nearly a quarter of a million miles!