Paving done

A large pile of granite sets stacked up under the windows sill.

Just a quick post to say that I have finished the area of extended paving slabs.

This is how it looked yesterday morning. A couple of hours work got the first four slabs in….

An area of granite sets at the top end of the driveway with two timber posts for the car port resting on them. There is an area of concrete paving slabs at the end of the sets. A mobility scooter is parked on the slabs under a blue cover.
The sets are nice, but will have to go.

….and a couple of hours today saw the job finished.
I had two larger slabs, but instead of cutting them to square I decided to leave them long for a bit of extra flat area under the car when working on the conversion. As well as laying the slabs I also had to adjust the granite sets around the new edge of the paving swapping out over or under size stones for one that fitted the slabs better.

An area of freshly laid concrete paving slabs, four slabs wide, two slabs deep, behind the trailer at the top end of the drive way, and under the car port. Six of the eight slabs are 600mm square, two are 600mm by 900mm and extend the middle of the paved area into the granite sets of the drive. Ther e is a sack barrow and heavy steel bin on the slabs.
The extended paving is done!

Now what to do with this lot?
I’ve stacked them by the front door for now but will need to find a better home for them elsewhere in the front garden

A large pile of granite sets stacked up under the windows sill.
Hmmm, now where to put these….