Pallet unpacking

Side view of the pallet as it arrived. Things on the pallet and the pallet is wrapped in clear pallet wrap and a ratchet strap.

The pallet of stuff from Damien Maguire has arrived! Frustratingly it was supposed to arrive on Tuesday, when I had taken a day off to wait for it and get it unpacked and put away.  It didn’t arrive. Much ‘polite’ phone calling ensued and it was then booked for possibly Wednesday morning, or afternoon. A call to the transport company resulted in finding that the pallet was still at the central hub in Lichfield, had missed the lorry for the Tuesday delivery to the Warrington hub, also missed the lorry for the Tuesday night, and the one for Wednesday morning. No one could say why, or when it might be picked up. I told them I wasn’t able to take Thursday off to wait in so that was that.

Anyway, Thursday morning while I was getting ready to go out to a meeting I got a call and the pallet was due within the next 15-20 minutes! Postpone meeting and wait for it. I had it dropped on the drive and then covered it up for a bit of security, privacy, and to keep some weather off it.

A pallet delivery of stuff, at the back of the car covered in white builder's bulk bags and weighted down with a rusty wheel.
It’s here! Quick hide it!

This morning (Friday) I was able to unpack the pallet and see what was there.

Side view of the pallet as it arrived. Things on the pallet and the pallet is wrapped in clear pallet wrap and a ratchet strap.
Side view.
End view of the pallet as it arrived. Things on the pallet and the pallet is wrapped in clear pallet wrap and a ratchet strap.
End view.

With the pallet wrap off I could see a transaxle and a pair of driveshafts, and some boxes.

The stuff on the pallet with the clear pallet wrap removed. There is a gearbox on the left, a drive shaft, and a pile of boxes.
Undressed the pallet!

There’s the Toyota Prius transaxle, and one of the drive output flanges that had almost fallen off the pallet, the Toyota Prius controller, a long driveshaft…

The pallet with the boxes removed and part emptied. there is an electric drive gearbox and controller from a Toyota Prius, an electric power steering pump, an electric vacuum pump, an electric throttle pedal, a pile of wiring, other bits I don't recognise, and a box of random 'stuff'.
A whole load of toys and a #SurpriseMakersParcel!

…a short driveshaft, a vacuum pump, an unknown item, a power steering pump, a wiring loom, and a throttle pedal.

A close up of some of the smaller stuff on the pallet showing the electric power steering pump, vacuum pump, throttle pedal, and a 'thing'!
I wonder what that thing is?

Some of the #Makers on Twitter will know that I sometimes send out a #SurpriseMakersParcel to people (on request) of random stuff that they might be able to use to make things from. Some things are useful, some humorous, some things that might spark the imagination.
I guess this is what it must be like to receive one!

A view in the box of random stuff. there is a drill, an angle grinder, an air impact wrench, and a lot more stuff.
So that’s what getting a #SurpriseMakersParcel is like!

Sorry for the blurry photo, it was getting cold outside. Anyway, here is the Prius transaxle and the Skoda transaxle exchanging tenancy contracts. Hopefully the Prius unit will make itself comfortable and fit in the space the driveshafts dictate.

The electric motor gearbox placed in front of the car withthe original five speed gearbox as a comparison.
Welcome to your new home!

And the #SurpriseMakersParcel?
Well, here it is emptied onto my workbench.
I will need to see what I can do with it, and how much of it is needed for the car.

A gallery of three pictures showing the collection of tools and stuff that was in the random stuff box.
How many can you identify?

Thank you, Damien, I hope everything you sent is all there, and nothing went missing in transit.