Hiding from the recycling man

The recycling man is carrying the recycling box out through gate way on the driveway.

It’s recycling day again!

I am going to hide I think, too embarrassed from last week.
Shush, Monty. Hopefully no one will know we’re in.

Harriet is in her bedroom. She is ducked down and secretively peering out of the window by the door, at the far side of the bed next to the bedside cabinet. Monty is sniffing at the bedroom door hoping to get out side.
They’re here. Quick hide!

It’s still him. I wonder how many holidays he gets to take in a year?

The recycling collector man, wearing a Hi-Viz yellow coat and blue jeans, from last week is walking up the driveway towards Harriet’s workshop.
Yep, it’s still him.

He’s stopped. What’s he looking for? The box is right there!
Is he looking for me, or you, Monty?
I can’t hide every Thursday morning, can I?

The recycling man has stopped in the middle of the courtyard area and is looking around.
I hope he isn’t looking for me.

It’s OK Monty, he has the box and is is on his way out. Once he is gone you can go outside.

The recycling man has picked up the recycling box and is heading across the courtyard.
Good, he is just doing his job.

Arrgh, am I reading way too much into this?
Maybe I have completely mis-read everything.
Maybe that’s what lockdown does to you.

Harriet is sitting on the floor of her bedroom leaning up against the wall by the door with her hand on her head. Monty Dog is seeing if she is ok.
This is silly.

OK, Monty, he’s done now, we’ll give it a minute and then get the box back.
This is silly. I am making such a fool of myself cooped up in here.

Back to reality, until next week.

The recycling man is carrying the recycling box out through gate way on the driveway.
Phew! Give it a mo and we’ll get the box back in.

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