A nice surprise!

Harriet and Monty Dog are in the workshop. The shutter is back down and they are both looking at the table saw on the pallet.

Ahh, no hiding from the recycling chap today, Monty. We have a delivery on its way!

Harriet is standing in her bedroom with a mug of coffee in one hand and her phone in the other. Monty Dog is watching her from his bed, at the foot of Harriet’s bed. There is a glass topped table and a Panton chair behind Harriet.
Oooh, delivery!

Well, it won’t fit through the door so best get the shutter up.

Harriet is in her workshop pulling on the chain to raise the big roller shutter door. Monty Dog is having some of his breakfast.
Heave ho…

Oh heck, the lorry can’t get down the road. I’d best go and see what we can do.

Harriet is in front of the workshop looking down the driveway between the gate posts.
Oh heck!

Goes from bad to worse. The lorry has a crane, nothing else. The driver can only unload out there. Good thing I have a pallet truck I guess.

Harriet is walking backwards pulling her pallet truck out of the workshop. Monty Dog is following the pallet truck out of the workshop.
Guess I have to move it myself!

Here goes! It won’t be fun on the cobbles.

Harriet is walking out of the driveway pulling the pallet truck behind her through the gate posts.
Cobbles! Why does it have to be cobbles?!!

“Cheers mate! I guess I will just manage it from here!” (grumble)

“Morning! Looks heavy. Can I help?”

“Umm, err, oh, it’s you! Umm, yes please, yes, thank you!”

“OK if I push on his bit?”

“Should be, I’ll pull this end.”

Monty dog is looking down the drive for Harriet’s return.

“So you’re not agency cover then?”

“Ahh, no, we swapped rounds, it happens sometimes.”

“If we can just get it inside…
So you’re my.. err, you’re back next week then?”

“Yep, I might get to see what you do with this… ummm,.. ‘thing’ then.”

Harriet is pulling the pallet truck, with a pallet on it, towards the roller shutter door. There is a big old green table saw on the pallet held down with some blue rope, and some wooden blocks screwed in around the base. One of the recycling operatives is helping to push the table saw. Monty Dog is in the background with the recycling box.
To me, to you!

“Thank you! Wadkin AGS 10 table saw. Yes, if it’s all working ok. we can cut some wood…”

“Is that what you do?”

“Yes, I’m a maker, I make stuff. Mostly wood though. You?”

“I’m collecting your recycling?!!”

“Oh yeah, doh! Ha, and when you’re not?”

“Dunno yet!”

“Oh, umm…”

Harriet and the recycling operative are in the workshop with the table saw. They are talking and shaking hands. Monty Dog can be seen outside still carrying the recycling box around.
Thank you so much!

“Anyway, best get that recycling box. Hello you, thank you for bringing the box to me.”

“That’s Monty, Monty Dog. He’s a rescue.”

“Hello Monty, you’re a lovely dog, aren’t you!”

“He is. Lovely and helpful, always trying to help.”

“I bet you like long dog walks, Monty…”

Harriet is outside the workshop with Monty Dog. The recycling operative is bending down to pick up the recycling box and is talking to Monty.
Good boy, Monty.

“There’s a thought, if you fancy a dog walk…”

“I’m working til 5ish, 6ish if I don’t get on.”

“Oh, yeah. I’ll walk out with you and bring the box back.”

The recycling operative is carrying the recycling box out through down the drive. Harriet and Monty are following.
Just walking, nothing else.

Yes, Monty, she was lovely.
And she liked you.
And she thinks you are funny carrying the box for her.
And she wants to take you for a walk….
Aren’t you a lucky dog!

Harriet and Monty Dog are returning to the workshop. Monty is carrying the empty recycling box in his mouth.
And you can stop looking at me like that, Monty.

Right, back to work!
That is really awful strapping! Some four by twos, and a loose rope! I’m surprised it got here!

Now then, how am I going to get this off the pallet?

Harriet and Monty Dog are in the workshop. The shutter is back down and they are both looking at the table saw on the pallet.
I need a crane!

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