I am hosting #MakersHour

Screen shot image of the @GuildOfMakers #MakersHour questions

Every Wednesday evening at 8pm UK time the Guild of Makers has a #MakersHour on Twitter.

This week I have offered to host the hour and submitted these questions for other makers to answer and discuss.

  • Q1 #MakersHour Hello, I am Harriet Board, carpenter. People often say I am ‘small’, I’m not, I’m a full 5’3” tall according to my tape measure.
    Tell us something memorable about yourself and a fun thing you have done/created this week.
  • Q2 #MakersHour I feel I don’t tweet enough, a poor balance between doing stuff, sharing stuff, and having stuff worth sharing.
    Tell us how you balance being actively creative and making time to share your activities on social media, websites, etc.
  • Q3 #MakersHour I live above my workshop so I can just pop down to do some work when ever I want.
    What would suit you best, ideally, living in/near your work space, or having it elsewhere so you can switch off completely when away from it?
  • Q4 #MakersHour Aside from being a woodworker, I have a sideline in working on the Landlord’s garden railway.
    Describe the sort of side project that you would enjoy having as a distraction or change from your usual making or creating.
  • Q5 #MakersHour Recently I acquired a big old Wadkin table saw.
    Tell us about an ‘old school’ tool, machine, or bit of kit that you would like, or find useful, in your creative space.
  • Q6 #MakersHour I have a pet, Monty Dog, who shares my workshop. He is well trained and has learnt to fetch tools for me.
    If you could have a helpful pet assistant, what would you have and how would they help you (Fantasy creatures are allowed)?

Screen shot image of the @GuildOfMakers #MakersHour questionsIt is a very busy hour with lots of chat and much sharing of recent makes and encouragement. It is also a lot of fun and really helps introduce more makers to each other and for them to have a chance to just chat and share their current projects, especially as we have not been able to meet up at events in real life due to the pandemic and lockdown.

Anyway, I hope you will have a look at the link above and if you are a maker, crafter, or any other kind of creative person on Twitter, and fancy joining in then do follow the #MakersHour hashtag and maybe join us there next week.

Harriet Board on Twitter