Hey all, I forgot to blog!

A blonde woman in a red patterned dress, red shoes, and burgundy coat.

Oh, I forgot, I have a blog to post on!

I should introduce myself properly. I am Daisy Bell (as in the song, blame my parents) and I currently work in recycling collection. It has been really busy during lockdown, so much packaging being thrown out. Of course, we don’t stop for a pandemic, we just take precautions.


I used to do clothes catalogue modelling, a job I picked up when I should have been staying on at college. It seemed more fun and interesting to me as a teenager. You can find some of my work in this old archive

As I am getting older, and modelling jobs were becoming more scarce, I decided to give up modelling to become a recycling collector for a local Environment Centre. It is a great job, useful to the community and environment, and I really enjoy it. A big change from modelling clothes!

The other thing I decided to do was to study history at college but without any useful qualifications I needed to prove my academic ability, as much to myself as to the college. I decided learn to research local history with a view to learning more about the history of the house I might end up buying. I currently live in a shared house with Fran and Ingrid, lovely friends, but I am nearly twice their ages!

Moving out will be an experience, I’ve never had my own place before, and I am pushing middle age now! Anyway, I live in a little northern market town called Theraton. A lovely little place, a bit touristy at times but easy to get around on foot or on a bike. Housing here can be very expensive, but there are some cheaper houses in Lower Theraton. I reckon I’d need to own a a big German sports car before I was allowed to even view the houses in Higher Theraton!

Theraton has two railway stations, Market Theraton, and Theraton Road, unusual for a town this size. I can tell you about them another time. There is also the River Uffta, a ring road to take the traffic away, and a new shopping mall, the Ultimo Centre. What an eye sore it is, though I suppose all those clothes shops contributed to my modelling career.

Theraton used to be just a place I lived in as it was nice and central for the work I was doing, but now I am on the recycling rounds I am seeing so much of it and I have really taken to the old place! It has really made the historical research so much more interesting and personal!

Anyway, I am rambling now.

See you all again soon. Daisy x