Hanging the transmission

The cross-member bolted into the car engine bay with the transmission bolted to it and hanging under its own weight.

I finished making the transmission cross-member today. Of course I forgot to take photos of the process due to running back and forth from the welding workshop to the car checking the fit.

Still, I made the second bracket, and got it all lined up and welded and then sprayed with more grey primer.

The cross-member with brackets welded up and sprayed in grey primer.
Cross-member welded up!

This nearside bracket was complicated to get right. I drilled the holes parallel to the long side of the plate but they are not square to the transmission.

A close up of the nearside bracket, a plate with three holes welded on a post under the cross-member.
That was a fiddly one to align!

The bellhousing bracket was a lot easier to align as it is square in both directions. I also added the triangular fillets.

The bell housing bracket welded to the cross-member with small triangular reinforcement fillets.
This one was easy!

It was then painted in black. It would have been fun if I had other colours to highlight the new bits.

The cross-member painted in gloss black.
Black! I only have black, white, and grey. Need more colours.

When the paint dried I installed it and let it take the full weight of the transmission. It is a little back heavy so it swings the cross-member forward on it’s rubber mounts. Still, the torque brace will sort that out.

The cross-member bolted into the car engine bay with the transmission bolted to it and hanging under its own weight.
Well that works!

I still need the two M10x1.25 screws for the two lower holes. Will I need to cover that splined shaft?

A close up of the bellhousing bracket bolted in place with two bolts. Two other bolts are missing.
Fits nicely at this end.

I had to ‘oval’ these holes a little to make fitting easier.

The nearside transmission mount bolted down to the top of the transmission case with the three bolts.
This side needed the holes elongating a little.

Now, that torque brace…
Ahh, that hole in the suspension cross-member is where the torque brace goes. Except it is on the nearside and there are no mounting points on the transmission on that side.
What to do? What to do?

A view under the the transmission. There is a hole for a bracket on the suspension cross-member for the torque brace. But there are no mounting points at that end of the transmission case.
Need to get from that hole to…Somewhere!