Bracing The Torque

The steel plate welded to the bell housing brace and bolted in place.

I’ve done it again and made a thing and forgot to take photos until it was nearly done!

I have been working on a way to brace the transmission’s torque reaction to the torque arm. The only mounting points being at the bellhousing end and the torque arm being at the other end. I have no idea if this would work but it is the only option I have at the moment. I could, of course, change the lengths of the drive shafts and move the transmission to the nearside where it should be but that is a cost I am avoiding right now.
To get the transmission in the right place I used a ratchet strap to rotate the transmission so the back end was raised and closer to the torque arm.
I made a card template of the bolt holes at the bottom of the bellhousing and then welded up some 50 x 6mm flat bar that I drilled to fit three of the M10 x 1.25 threaded holes. I then found a bit of flat steel plate, 3mm thick, that used to be a flat screen TV mounting plate. That meant I could make another card template to join the bellhousing across to the torque arm.

You can see the 3mm plate bent to fit under the transmission.

A view underneath the transmission showing a folded steel plate following the contours of the underside of the transmission housing.
A couple of bends and the plate fits.

Here is the bolted end of the brace, the middle bolt isn’t fitted in this photo.

A fabricated flat steel bar brace bolted to the bottom edge of the transmission bellhousing.
That’s a simple shape.

To reduce flexing I added a long fillet. The end of it needs trimming off a bit as it is very close to the transmission.

A long tapering fillet bracing the steel plate under the transmission.
That should stiffen it, needs the end trimming down a bit.

The torque arm has an extension on the bush. I am not sure if I want to use or lose that.

A silver painted steel plate resting on top of the torque arm.
A bolt there should do it.

With the brace fully welded and painted I installed it and tightened up the bolts.

The steel plate welded to the bell housing brace and bolted in place.
That fits up nicely.
The torque arm bolted to the steel plate.
It fits, but does it work?

Not too bad for modelling by eye, I will need to twist the 3mm plate a little so that it is square to the torque arm bolt hole to relieve the bush. I am also wondering about extending the plate forwards so that there is a second bolt hole, and also adding some more stiffening under the plate.

A side view of the torque arm bolted to the steel plate.
That nut needs to be welded on I think.

So, aside from a few details, I think that is how the transmission will fit.

A view of the bellhousing showing the top and bottom brackets bolted in place.
It bolts up nicely, but I still think I should cover that shaft!