Tweet Praise 20220308

Loved working with @Maker_of_Things again. They helped us on a local pop-up 7 years ago. As we've grown, so have their ability to deliver. This month they nailed a bespoke, time-limited international project and still managed to deliver the "wow" factor alongside tiny detail. Their little team are honest about their neurodiversity to clients. It means you won't get a slick sales pitch in a swanky office, but you get trains of thoughts and solutions you get nowhere else, and attention to detail you hadn't realised you needed until you errr...need it. It pains us to recommend them as they're our secret weapon but if you're a museum looking for a bespoke solution to engagement from an entire WW2 street to a miniature Roman forum, they're your people. Oh and it seems to mean less and less in business these days, but they're both just good people. It resonates.

A twitter thread from one of our favourite clients, Big Heritage.

An image of a tweet thread from Big Heritage.