Repair Cafes

I haven’t blogged for a while.

This has partly been because I have been too busy with other work stuff but mainly because website upkeep doesn’t come naturally to me. However, I will try to blog more now that my Wife, Sue, has taken over the running of the site and has put up a new page of Projects to show what we have been working on.

But today we have been at a repair cafe, one of three that we regularly attend now. This time I repaired a power supply wire for a phone music dock, and a 45 year old transistor radio. I wasn’t able to repair the fancy steam iron as the heating element in the steam pressure tank had failed but the client will contact the manufacturer regarding spares or repair service as a last resort.

Also today I am attempting to write this blog while sitting in a cafe in Chorlton having lunch. I am writing it on a Planet Computers Gemini PDA, the modern replacement for my long dead, and much loved Psion 5 Organiser.

This will explain the lack of photos, formatting, and hyperlinks. I will work all that out another day.

Now, another cuppa tea is needed….

Western Approaches Week 1

June 2017 was the start of an interesting and complex project for Maker of Things.


It began with a query from Big Heritage  simply asking: “Alfred. Are you up for recreating an entire 1940s street scene?”

Of course I replied: “OK. Where, when and what budget?”

A screenshot of the Twitter DM showing the conversation mentioned above,
Screenshot of Twitter DM.

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2018 is going to be…

The year I focus more on my home. That will include all the admin for this website.

I am just experimenting and defying my inner Luddite by doing this on my phone. Hopefully it will mean I post more spontaneously instead of waiting until I am at my laptop and then forgetting or being distracted.

Anyway, I hope anyone who finds and reads this has a good year.

Now how do I add images….?