Western Approaches Week 1

June 2017 was the start of an interesting and complex project for Maker of Things.


It began with a query from Big Heritage  simply asking: “Alfred. Are you up for recreating an entire 1940s street scene?”

Of course I replied: “OK. Where, when and what budget?”

A screenshot of the Twitter DM showing the conversation mentioned above,
Screenshot of Twitter DM.

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2018 is going to be…

The year I focus more on my home. That will include all the admin for this website.

I am just experimenting and defying my inner Luddite by doing this on my phone. Hopefully it will mean I post more spontaneously instead of waiting until I am at my laptop and then forgetting or being distracted.

Anyway, I hope anyone who finds and reads this has a good year.

Now how do I add images….?

A big stacking tool box…

…Finally made it into my working life!

Following on from my post about needing a new tool box, I finally bought one.  I looked at quite a few from various big tool brands and decided, on both price and usefulness, to go with a Magnusson branded stacking trolley box from B&Q.  There was an offer to buy a set of three stacking components for £92.00 keeping it all below my £100 budget. Continue reading “A big stacking tool box…”