Chapter Twenty-One


Christmas with Adam and Amanda and their various visiting families was a very happy week for Harriet. And as much as she tried to help with the arrangements, the cooking, the washing up, there were always enough willing bodies that she didn’t need to do any more then pass around the cheese and crackers, and make a few rounds of tea. Continue reading “Chapter Twenty-One”

Chapter Nineteen


Harriet started working at the community centre almost immediately, there seemed little point in waiting and the work was straight forward. She could be in for about 7am and start vacuuming and mopping floors, dusting, emptying bins and collecting any stray washing up to put in the dishwasher. She didn’t need to wash up, the catering staff sorted that so that was a bonus, as was not cleaning the kitchens. Continue reading “Chapter Nineteen”

Chapter Eighteen


Harriet was in the Community Centre. She had arranged to meet Sarah there for lunch and a chat about her efforts at finding a job. It wasn’t going well and Harriet felt like she was failing at the first hurdle, just looking at the applications, before she even had a chance to apply for anything. She wanted to work legitimately, for a decent employer, doing something that would tide her through to establishing her workshop. But the kind of work that she would prefer to do required a reference from her most recent employer, Marie. Continue reading “Chapter Eighteen”

Chapter Seventeen


Following Mitch’s funeral Harriet decided to take stock of life. Although Harriet had brought most of her research books with her, she was conscious that she hadn’t really looked at any of them, and they had been left in a box on the floor under the bed. She decided that it was time to start looking at them again, and getting her ideas back into some sort of order. Continue reading “Chapter Seventeen”

Proxxon Lathe Workstation

Following a recent visit with Harriet to install a house front for her friend Flo I had the chance to play with a Proxxon DB250 mini lathe. It was so much fun, and so useful for turning miniatures that I had to have one of my own. Having bought it with a matching set of Proxxon chisels I decided to make a box case for it to have a self contained workstation. Continue reading “Proxxon Lathe Workstation”

Chapter Sixteen


Mitch’s funeral was a modest affair. The invitation stated that normal comfortable dress should be worn, and no formality was desired. Everyone was invited to the funeral service in the morning before lunch, friends to a buffet lunch in the afternoon at the community centre where Mitch had worked, then a more intimate close friends and family gathering afterwards in the evening. Continue reading “Chapter Sixteen”