Chapter Thirty-Seven


“Shall I phone the minister?” Adam was trying not to upset Amanda but was aware that there were processes that need to be dealt with at some point. The delays over Christmas with the coroner did at least mean that there was nothing to be done immediately, though that also meant that there was nothing to do except go thought the motions of having Christmas numb with grief, and alone. Continue reading “Chapter Thirty-Seven”

Chapter Thirty-Five


“Amanda?” Adam looked around the living room door, “Your Mum is calling for you. I just heard her as I passed her room. I said I’d get you.”

“OK, thanks. I’ll go up.” Amanda sighed with exhaustion and put her book face down on the arm of the sofa. She hated doing that but for the moment it was quicker then moving her book mark before heading up stairs. She didn’t begrudge going to Sybil but she was just so tired with both work and caring for her ailing Mother. Adam did help with what he could but there were some more intrusive or intimate things that Sybil didn’t want Adam doing for her. And Sybil was needing considerably more caring for then they had truly understood when they brought her into their home.
There was a loud thud as Amanda started to climb the stairs. “Mum!” Amanda ran up two steps at a time. Continue reading “Chapter Thirty-Five”

Chapter Thirty-Four

Harriet and Daisy

It was a bright and refreshingly cold morning as Harriet lead Monty for a long walk out through Lower Theraton. He was happy to be walking along different streets and finding new smells along the way. It would be a long day out and Harriet had brought snacks and drinks in her rucksack. They were heading out to the nature reserve at the Environment Centre. It was the nearest large area of open green space where Monty could go for a good run and have a play if he wanted. Though Harriet had been there before this would be a new experience for Monty, but he was yet to realise it. Continue reading “Chapter Thirty-Four”

Chapter Thirty-Three


Harriet popped into the kitchenette to check on dinner. With only a microwave, steamer and a single electric ring it was going to be a delicate juggling act. The turkey slices were fine as a cold meat but the microwave roast potatoes would need careful heating to stop them being soggy. The carrots, red cabbage, and sprouts were steaming well and the bacon wouldn’t take long now that the sausages were done and set to one side. She hoped the plates would be warm enough in the microwave under the potatoes. Continue reading “Chapter Thirty-Three”

Chapter Thirty-Two

As Harriet’s woodwork was only ticking along, but also actually ticking along despite there being so little work going on, she decided it might be time to make another investment before it became too difficult to reorganise the workshop. It would also allow her to work more effectively when more jobs come in. Harriet had always planned on spending some more of the money that Amanda gave her, from selling the jewellery that Marie had lavished on Harriet after each fight they had, on a table saw. It would be the heart of her workshop but was also a big investment. There was also that slightly opportunistic aspect that due to the lockdown a large number of businesses had closed, some were upgrading while work was quiet, while others would never reopen. There would be old machines coming on the market and a bargain might be found. Harriet would need to keep an eye out.

Continue reading “Chapter Thirty-Two”

Chapter Thirty-One


The following week Harriet was cheerfully looking forward to recycling day. She had it all planned out, she would have a morning shower and make sure she was fresh and presentable, and then put the recycling box outside and spend a little time in the garden with Monty Dog just innocently playing until the recycling women turned up. Then she could say hello properly and see if she is as nice to know in person as she is to look at. Harriet really didn’t want another bad relationship and was hoping she was now wiser to the signs. Still, either way, it was good to dream, if only for a moment. Continue reading “Chapter Thirty-One”

Chapter Thirty


“Hey Mum.”
“I just wanted to say how proud of you I am, for getting into college.”
“Thanks Mum,”
“No one else in the family went to college.”
“I’m looking forward to it, I really want to get my A’ levels.”
“Will you be ok, living away from home? Oh I wish there was a college nearer by.”
“I know, Mum, but I’ll be fine, Rach and I will look out for each other. And we already have digs sorted.”
“Oh I know. But you’re teenagers now, and when Rachel gets herself a boyfriend…”
“Mum! We’ll be fine, Rach isn’t going to get a boyfriend.”
“Well, you say that now but…”
“Mum! Please! We’ll be fine, we’re going to study, not to, you know, with boys!”
“And what if you meet some young fella then?” Continue reading “Chapter Thirty”

Chapter Twenty-Nine


“Oh! What’s this crate?” Harriet said as she let Monty Dog out for his morning wee before breakfast. “Monty! Look, it is a recycling box, for all your paper food bags!” Harriet brought the black recycling box inside and read the leaflet that came with it. “Paper, card, glass, cans, plastic bottles. No food, plastic cartons, and other landfill rubbish. Same as Adam and Amanda’s recycling box, but for Thursday. You don’t know Adam and Amanda, do you, Monty. You’d like them, they are nice people.” Monty cocked his head and looked at Harriet. There were a lot of new words to learn and he wasn’t sure which were going to be important, but there was a new thing coming into the den to sniff at. Continue reading “Chapter Twenty-Nine”